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No more condom advertising on Indian television

No more condom advertising on Indian television

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Monday restricted cable television networks from showing condom commercials that are “indecent or inappropriate” during the day so that children do not watch them. It is not clear from the wording of the ministry’s advisory whether this implies that no condom advertisement will be aired during the day or only those  have inappropriate content.advertising for condoms will not be allowed between 6 am and 10 pm.The directive says these advertisements are “indecent especially for children” and can create “unhealthy practices” among them.

condom ads banned 6am to 10pm

Condom Brand Owners Raise Objections

Several brand-owners have  raised strong objections to the step taken by ministry.

Raymond, the brand-owner of Kamasutra condoms stated that “not all condom advertising is indecent”, reports Economic Times.

The Sunny Leone advertisement is offensive, we should ban that advertisement and not regulate all condom advertisements.

Rohit Ohri told Economic Times

In September 2017, the condom advertisement featuring Sunny Leone drew protests from a Surat-based group. The ad, which was displayed on hoardings across the city and carried a message in Gujarati “play but with love” was heavily shared on social media. City-based group Hindu Yuva Vahini staged a protest at one of the locations where the hoarding was displayed.

Speaking about the issue, Dr V Sam Prasad, country program director of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said, “The ban will create a negative impact on society. After banning the ads, teenagers will actively use social media to look for information. If the right message is not conveyed to children, it will be a big problem for them. It should actually be a dinner-table topic to discuss with the family members.”.


People in India are sensitive about even the suggestion of sex on television. Thus selection of inappropriate content in condom advertising and ban them is intentions of ministry.

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