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Why Ripple Cryptocurrency will grow

Ripple price in 2019

Why ripple is currency worth investment there are few reasons:
There are over 800 cryptocurrencies till this blog is being written.
These cryptocurrencies all have their own specific set of advantages and disadvantages.To find out appropriate cryptocurrency for investment is required proper research and study. We are sharing few facts about one of the nicely growing currency ‘Ripple’
Ripple (XRP). 🙁 Ripple Lab,San-Fransisco based company since 2012 with around 135 employees and with fund of US$100 million has tremendous growth of 450% in month of December.

  • Blockchain :Earthport blockchain,
  • Ripple can be used for services with select banks that include Bank of America and HSBC.
  • The ambition of Ripple is to be a global settlement network, a platform which allow anyone to transfer money in any currency to any currency in a matter of seconds. This is an ambitious goal meant to subsidised the use of older systems like Western Union and SWIFT.
  • Ripple can process transactions much faster and cheaper than the alike of bitcoin, it can process 1500 transactions per second compared to bitcoin with 7 transaction per second thus much easier for international transactions.
  • Ripple announces its partnership with American Express to speedup payments.
  • SBI Ripple Asia is a joint venture between Ripple and Japanese financial services company which might comeup with technology enable payments through phone numbers and QR codess.
  • 15 of world’s top banks are working with Ripple in one way or another.
  • In this way we can see a good future of Ripple in market of cryptocurrencies.
  • Disclaimer:This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrencies or a recommendation to invest. Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns. As an investment class, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments and investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks – they are highly volatile, vulnerable to hacking and capital loss and sensitive to secondary activity. Before investing you should obtain advice and decide whether the potential return outweighs the risks.

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